Overview of Derma Roller Microneedlineg Therapy


A derma roller therapy involves your practitioner using a derma roller to make microneedle columns in the skin in the thousands. Amazingly, each needle penetrates into the skin dermis and will rapidly close, thus allowing fast recovery of the skin. In most cases, this happens within a few hours. Before the procedure is done, a topical anesthetic will be applied on your skin to numb it. When the skin is numb, you will not feel any pain during the procedure. A microneedling derma procedure usually takes about 50 minutes. The anesthetic will take about 30 minutes to come into effect and the therapy will last between 20 to 30 minutes.

The moment derma roller therapy procedure is over, the skin will start to be regenerated and repaired naturally. The regeneration involves formation of new collagen and skin cells. With the regeneration, your body blood supply will be boosted. It may be more than 6 weeks before you can see the initial results of the regeneration. Look up Vivace to learn more.

Your professional practitioner can recommend a derma roller therapy of three or more procedures. The procedures will have to be done about 6 weeks apart.

Sometimes, in certain cases the number of procedures increases. This is especially is you are treating acne (both post acne spots and after acne marks) and various other skin scarring. Depending on how severe your condition is, the dermatologist may extend your derma roller therapy.

Microneedle Devices
In case you are searching for an affordable method or way for removing marks, scars and even prolong the early signs of aging, then you will definitely get 100% satisfaction with the use of various microneedling devices in the market. Using the best products will keep your skin tight and also promote the production or stimulation of collagen. This makes you look young and also, your skin becomes supple.

A good microneedling device will be a perfect solution to help you with acne scars and other kinds of non-keloidal scars. The only thing is that the whole process of skin remodeling usually needs few months to complete. But, there are some people that see results in only four to five micro-needling sessions. You can also take photographs and pictures of the skin at regular intervals in order to keep track of your progress.

Before you buy any microneedling device, read reviews of it online to know what to expect. Find out whether the device you want to buy has led to positive results in people that had the same condition that you have. Check out the Vivace Experience and get started now!


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